Last night the legs/stands for my lighting fixture that came with it broke and the lighting fixture fell in the water!!! All the fish and inverts and coral seem fine but the light doesn't turn on.
I unplugged it and moved it and dried it but it still doesnt turn on. It used to at first but not anymore so I'm wondering if just the lights blew and i just need new ones and to clean the light fixture very well.
any help is needed. If i cannot fix this light and get it running, i am breaking down my tank since i cannot afford new lights currently and all my coral will surely die in a few days


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bump!!!! stuff is dying

Here is what I would do
Go to the LFS after you have the lights totally dried out...tell them you need to put bulbs in to see if they work in the unit. They should let you try them there in the store...Let them know, if the bulbs work, you will buy them.
Let them be the ones to put them in. All they can say is no right...


Your coral will not die in a couple days for not having light...What do you think happens when there are storms over the ocean? The coral just doesnt all die. Your corals are stronger than you think. Do you have MH, Compact Florescent or T5? You can go to Home depot and get a few 6500K clip on flood lights. This will light up your tank cheaply until you can figure out how to get the main fixture up and running again.


I had it happen with mine and no dice. Toast. Dead and gone forever. They would come on and flicker and shock the crap out of me in surges. The whole fixture was dismantled and reworked and still no dice. To replace all that needed replacing, it would have been cheaper to buy a new fixture.