Everything must GO!!!

I had a few bad things happen that threw me over the edge and I can't afford the electric bill either so I'm taking a leave for now.
I would like to sell most of this locally and whatever doesn't sell this week I will start to ship things next week to people that are interested.
I will post the pictures and then the prices and size as soon as get back to them.
Exscuse my crappy pics because my other camera won't work for some reason.

These are the last pictures for now but I still have Miscellaneous zoas and other things in here. I have a bunch of snails, blue leg hermits, 12" green brittle star, couple of smaller brittles, and all the live rock.



How much are the ricordia and the orange acan (2nd photo section, first pic)
Also, how much is the maxima clam?


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what is that coral in the first picture, and what do you want for the lords?
Here is a list of what's in the pictures:
1. 6"Red Lobo Brain with green mouths - 40
2. 10 heads total of Pearl Hammers - 40
3. both Sun Corals - 35
4. 3" Maxima clam from CandyCane - 45
5. 4"+ Wellso Brain " strange color "- 35
6. Red and White Acan with 20 regular heads and probably 10 small - 140
7. 3"+ Pearl Bubble - 30
8. Bright purple with green spots and green mouth tube anemone- 30
9. 6 Ric's and the zoas in the picture with the 8X8X3 rock- 90
10. 7 Ric's on the little rock " 1 more pink ric on the back of the rock " - 80
11. & 12. too many to list and hard to tell colors by picture.
13. 3" Favia - 30 peach monti - 20
14. 4 Acan frags total - 70
15. Pink Birdsnest with lime green polyps - 30
Peach and White Acans - 60
16. Orange Zoas - 20
17. Lime Green Birdsnest - 20
18. 3 Large Shrooms - 25
I also have 2 - 1/2" frags of sunset Monti and 2 Rainbow Monti for 30 each.
All prices are OBO and the pictures really suck compared to the actual coral.
As the first post says I am only going to sell this stuff local for now because I don't have much time to ship things at the moment. I have 3 small children and I work an hour from my house so getting this stuff shipped is going to be a PITA.
I will post what I has sold and I will keep the PM's from people in order.
If someone wants all the coral and a few other corals that I don't have listed and all the snails you can find for 500 its all yours. I would just like to get everything sold so I can sell the rock.