Exciting Product Development


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About a year ago I bought one of those huge jars of Flintstone’s vitamins at Costco thinking my kids might take them. $40 down the drain - No way!
Last night I put about 20 of those little Fred, Barney, Wilma and Dinos in my mouth and chewed them up until they were a thick liquid in my mouth. I then put on my scuba mask and stuck my head down into my tank and started to target feed my corals. Things were going fine until the fish started attacking my face. I freaked out and pulled my head out quickly splashing saltwater and vitamins everywhere. What a mess! My wife was screaming, the dog was barking, the kids were crying. Probably not my most brilliant moment.
This morning when the lights came on my corals are huge! I’ve never seen such expansion! I’m going to bottle this crap!
I’d like to hear how Marc Weiss came up with his mystery products.