Expensive lunch??


i have a 90 gal FOWLR. It has a snowflake eel, a lunare wrasse and a niger trigger in it. I am having a major algea problem and am getting sick of cleaning it everyday. I do regular water changes. There are 3 silver dollar sized hermits and a silver dollar sized snail in there that either they have never seen or do not bother. Is there anything else I can put in there to eat algea?? Wether it be inverts or a fish?? I am at my witts end with this problem. I have green, red, and purple algae in there. I was also wondering if I turned the lights off for longer if that would help at all. Thanks.


Well you could try crabs.
Hermit crabs are good algea eaters.
Check this sites - inverts section. I believe they sale - 10 blueleg hermits for about $10.


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get a silver scat it will clean up anything and everything .from aiptasia to all forms of algaes .this fish is a brackish species as a juvenile but moves to the full sw enviroment as an adult so they are easily acclimated for full sw. this fish is an herbivore and even reef safe he could live in a 90 for some time but eventuall out grow it.. very harty fish but he is venomous making him less likely to fall prey to other tankmates.but very non aggressive .. i have had mine for 5 yrs he was 3-4 iches at time of purchase and is now almost 10 inches


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You could also add a tang, or maybe LMB.
I would also wonder about the source of the algae. If it is really bad maybe something in the water? Are you using regular tap water? Have you tested the water for phos? I would expect some algae growth in a FOWLR, but it almost sounds like you have a water quality issue as well.


foxface's are good garbage disposal fish, they will keep it clean.