feather starfish


sinner's girl

I've never seen these before, do you have bigger images?


theyre reef safe, i got one. however they are EXTREMELY difficult to feed, they are very picky eaters and usually starve to death. the only thing they really do to upset a reef tank is crawl all over corals, besides that they filter feed. heres mine.


I've never seen a picture of a green one. It is just too beautiful! I wish every bit of luck to you. I have wanted to have one ever since I wrote a 96 page paper on crinoids for a paleozoology course many, many years ago. Maybe your success will make my dream come true some day in the future. :joy: (This is a green with envy smiley.)


i got the green with yellow tips, and they have been in the display tank at my lfs for a while now, he also had a blue with yellpw tips which is beautiful too. i learned about their feeding habits after i bought it. if i do see deterioration, im going to take it back. i think they survive better there. in the mean time i make my own food for it.

bang guy

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thank you for the info and that i think i will try my luck with one to see :thinking:
Please don't. It will not survive. They should not even be collected and if hobbiests keep buying them then they will continue to be collected.