Feeding Corals - My 1st corals (need advice)


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I recently converted my 240g FOWLR to what will be an aggressive reef with a Dragon Moray and 2-3 dozen various Damsels.
I had an algae bloom when I changed the lights from PC to 15 HO T5's, but I've added 12 Turbo's and 12
Astrea snails and they are working hard to clean it back to bare rocks.
The corals I currently have are:
Neon Green Star Polyps
Green Mushrooms
5-6 small Kenya tree's
1 Condy Anenome
1 Candy Cane frag
I am currently adding B-Ionic #1 and #2 every night. I am feeding my Damsels Mysis, Flake, and spectrum.
Besides the light what do you reommed to feed the corals and how often? I've been told:
Coral Accel
Need some good solid food recommendation, techinques for feeding, and how often advise. Sorry to sound like a noob, but these are my first attempt at corals and it's all greek to me so far.
Just feel wierd about pouring too many strange chemicals in my tank.
Any advice