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Im having some feeding troubles in my tank right now. as most of you know I have a 75 gallon with a picasso trigger(4") and a small miniatus grouper(5"). Every time I fed them my trigger eats all the food. My grouper comes up to the top, but the picasso is just to fast for him. Any ideas on how he can get his food. I put him in (picasso) 3 days ago after quarintine for a week. The grouper seems hungry, he is out and swimming looking for food. I was thinking about trying to to feed at nite when the trigger is asleep in his cave. Later, Bo


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That trick has worked well for me in the past I feed one side and as soon as the fish starts eating I drop food in at the far end. If there is enough at the one side the Trigger should stay there long enough for the grouper to get its at the other end.