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Got a question. I've mostly been doing marine tanks 55 gal and under. Only one of my tanks have I ever used a wet/dry setup, the rest have been canister or box filters hanging off the back. I've never had problems so I am confident in how I run my tanks but I am going to be setting up a couple 90 gallon tanks and have been doing some searching for what I want to use for filtration. I will more than likely end up going with a larger wet/dry, but I came across a website last night that was advertising algae scrubbers. I've never heard of this but from what I gather it builds algae internally and the algae processes the waste chemicals. The site looked like a giant infomercial but I thought I would ask for the humble opinions of the message board posters. Anyone hear of or use such a system? Pricing was equal to wet/dry setups but I'm more inclined to go with what I know how to use.

mr . salty

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Your best bet would be to stick with what you know.
That is to go with the wet dry,,and leave this "algae scrubber" for someone else to mess with.
A new steup can be frustrating enough just getting it going,,,why add more headaches by trying something your not sure about.
I mean,,what if the thing is a total piece of crap,and wont even filter your tank??Then it's back to the drawing board and starting all over.
Good luck!!!


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I agree you probably would be better sticking with what you are comfortable with.
that said, an algae scrubber, refugium, or any thriving plant growth is extremely desirable in any aquarium.
It makes a whole lot of sense to use the very algae you are constantly fighting and grow it out of sight in another container.
From what I understand using plastic screens allows algae to thrive on those screens. And the screens can be removable for easy cleaning and exporting the algaes.
I have and swear by macros/plants in FW and Salt tanks. But I have no direct experience with algae scrubbers. Perhaps others can share experiences.


I believe you guys are right, I will stick with what I know and use the wet/drys on my new setups, just have to figure out how to get a new 90 gallon tank into the house with out the wife seeing. Haha. I have heard of the screen idea before and think I might try that with one of my other filters just to play around with it. Thanks everyone.