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I have a 55 gallon tank. What kind of fish should I get ? I want fish thats easy care and hardy. I want fish that are seen a lot. Not those that hide all the time. I have a foxface and some damsels. I have rocks and everything is set-up. Any suggestions? thanks

the claw

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Royal Gramma would be a good choice and maybe one of the dottybacks, preferably one that isn't near the same olor as the gramma. You could have a firfish, but your damsels may cause undo grief to them. The other to afermentioned ones can hold their own against the damsels. Some dottybacks like to whip ina and out of the rocks. I wouldn't say they hide though. I would avoid any tangs or the Mandarin goby no matter what is suggested. There are some good candidates, but I'll let someone else chime in.


Bi-color Blenny
Flame Angel or any Dwarf Angel
If the Damsels are established they might cause any newcomers grief and cause them to hide.:happyfish

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Holy cow, I just read my typing.... next time I should get some sleep before responding. A Flame angel or Coral beauty can be a good selection as mentioned before(dwarf angelfish). Just make sure your tank is established for awhile, specifically the live rock. Sorry for all of the typos.


I'd be weary of some dwarf angels. Watch their temperament before you buy one. Some are know to pick on any fish smaller than them in maturity, and my coral beauty hides all the time. I had an adult lemon peel a while back that would kill any smaller fish that I'd put into the tank.
Clowns are always good and they rarely hide. Cardinals are also peaceful fish and usually stay out in the open, but they like to be kept in groups. Bangaiis have always done well in my tank. Most wrasses get along with other fish too, as well as cleaning them of unwanted parasites. They're very active. I absolutely hate damsels because they're feisty and territorial. Most people only get them because they're cheap starter fish, but later regret it. I personally like diamond gobies because they keep the bottom of the tank sparkling clean, although they are know to jump out if you don't have a decent top. It's fun watching them sift through the sand and make their homes.


I wouldn't get a coral beauty...the one I had intimated the other fish non stop, the one that were there before him and the ones that came after. He was very territorial. PJ Cardinals don't swim much, but they are cool looking and stay in the open, as said. They are also mouth breeders, so maybe you'd end up with some baby's. I agree on the clowns also, very fun to have. If you want inverts, get an arrow crab, they are very interesting to watch, and they eat anything and everything...don't have to worry about them, they eat left overs. Good luck and have fun.