Fish intro into new 610g tank/166g sump


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SETTING UP 610 GAL/ 166G SUMP AND WILL BE ADDING LIVE SAND, SEA WATER AND ROCK HOPEFULLY THIS WEEK. Plan on lots of rock and some very hardy, mostly hard corals(Ie:Monti’s, Hollywood stunner, etc). Will also try some mushrooms, zoo’s and 2-3 Rose bubble anemone’s. The stars of the tank will be the fish!.....I PLAN ON INTRIDUCING FISH OVER AN 8 WK PERIOD OF TIME in 4 groups- Group 1-marbled cat shark (atelomycterus Macleayi), 4 clown fish. Gr#2-Hippo Blue tang, flame hawk, flame angel, 10 neon gobies Gr#3 medium size powder blue, Gold flake angel, scribbled angel,Gr#4 emperor angel,3 yellow tangs, purple tang. after an appropriate cycle time which will be aided by the live rock, live sand and sea water,Each group w/b 2 weeks apart. All fish would have quarantine period with the aide of a felbow aquarist. The equipment( lights, skimmers, doser, filtration, etc) are all top of the line. Questions...Are the 4 groups properly aligned from passive to aggressive? Is 2 weeks in between groups a good time interval? number of fish per group? No matter how experienced we may be, we can always benefit from different opinions and levels of experience so please supply lots of feedback!!


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I similarly plan to improve my system and add more corals, and then fish, in the near future. Therefore, the question of the interval is also of interest, and is 2-3 weeks enough?