Fish selection suggestions


so what about this lineup:

Fish List

1- Coral Beauty Angelfish

1- Kole Tang

1- Scott's Greenback Fairy Wrasse

1- Ocellaris Clownfish

12- Green Chromis

3- Black and White Heniochus


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W a 20 your options are limited. Look into the following. Clowns, green gobys, yellow, gobys, fire fish, reinfords goby. These are a few suggestions
I know I’ll probably get downvoted for suggesting this, but if you keep your eyes peeled on the sales at your local grocery stores they put the frozen bags of fish, sometimes tilapia, salmon, halibut on deep discount because the sell by date is coming up, but frozen foods last significantly longer than best by dates when stored properly Speed Test .
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I have a queen angel and 2 moony angels, dragonet, clown, gobie, psuedo chromis and just introduced a Naso tang.
The only fish which gave me an issue was the psuedo chromis being agressive. After adding the tang, the queen accepted that fish with no hostility, but instead with a fin wave and they are buddies. Since I added that tang, all the fish now swim in groups around the water column, where as before they stayed in their own respective areas. I was pleased with this result as there is now peace in the aquarium, except the chromis where it is still anti social...