Fish Swam Away


I just have to tell about my weird morning:
I got up this morning and went downstairs to look at the aquarium. I opened up the cabinet under the aquarium where the fuge is and saw one of my firefish! The only way he could get there would be to swim through the small slits to get into my hang on overflow and flow down the U-tube, down the tubing into the fuge (the fuge intake tube is enclosed in a box filled with rubble rock). How did he survive being slammed into rubble rock and swimming over the intake box to the main fuge?
Crazy a$$ firefish! I can't believe he's alive. So I netted him and put him back in the main tank and he swam into the overflow AGAIN but this time I broke the suction before he went down 'ol Niagra....
Anyway, thought I would share my crazy story...


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LOL, thas funny. Maybe he enjoys the thrill, or was inspired by finding nemo??? LOL!!
He isnt just like being sucked in, is he? Or is he just going in freely. Well, that is awesome, lol.:hilarious


Hope he's doing allright. I love my firefish. There isn't any way he jumped out of the tank and into the fuge. I hear they are really good jumpers.


He's a great jumper but the fuge is completely enclosed...
Hmmm... maybe Nemo is an inspiration --- I just watched that movie a little while ago...


Great story; Same thing happened to my firefish. I did'nt see him for weeks (thot he was starfish food). Cleaning my sump a few weeks later I found him skinny as a rail in the sump; hehad jumped in the overflow down the drain, through a valve and was living on what little food went to the sump, of course his name is nemo now

I have since put something over the overflow box and installed netting to cover the open back of my canopy.


hahahha maybe he was whatching the movie at the same time you did. :cheer:
thank god i dont have a firefish that like the trill of going down to the sump. because i dont have a sump. he will go dirrecttly to the wet and dry