Fish Tank Kings: So what did you think?

Last night was the first episode of the Fish Tank Kings on NatGeo. I watched it right after Tanked ( I know I know I dont have a weekend night life anymore). Tanked was nothing new, same ole same ole rewinds. I guess they ran out of jobs to show.
Anyways back to FTK. What did you all thin about the show last night?
My thoughts:
The crew were definitly not actors. They were way too serious and that president for the Marlins was a dick head. It's a good think I as not working for him because I would be facing a assault and battery charge for reconstructing his face. I was shocked that they outsourced the tank builds. I tought they manufactured tanks as well.
I was also very shocked about their fish slection. They said over and over that they wanted indigenous fish native to Florida. I dont know, maybe some atlantic blue tangs, queen angel, french angel, blue angel, rock beauty angel, blue striped grunt, midnight and redband parrot fish, sargeant majors, spot fin butterfly and the list goes on but NO we want to add Pork Fish
. I was laughing at the asian guy who acted like he was a marine biologist with the identification of those porkfish. He acted like those were the only fish off the Florida Keys. That was entertainment to a knowledgable hobbiest.
And poor Mat. He looked scared to death throughout the whole show. He appeared to have a very weak back bone as it was obvious throughout the show. I must say that Brett and Wayde put on a better show as of now. I am not going to try to generalize one show from FTK as what they will all be like but it was not as good as tanked.
Just my 2 cents worth


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Not another fish tank show! AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!
I don't have cable. But, from listening to other people around me - those kinds of programs show irresponsible stock list, equipment choices and acclimation procedures... not something for a new hobbyist to watch and try to replicate.
At least maybe another show will attract more attention to the hobby and we may gain some new members and maybe even some more contributers to the hobby.


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havent seen ftk. i really like tanked and all the builds they make....i want a tank above my bed like chile got!


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Finally some Live Reef stuff on TV!
Check out the article and video clip that Advanced Aquarist Posted today. It shows the tour of ORA on a future episode of Fish Tank Kings. I knew the that it would end up being a really good show!


It was okay... kinda boring but atleast they went a little more in-depth and they actually have a FISH GEEK, lol but again its kinda a bite off of the other show though thtye go in depth int he build...


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Didn't really care for it. The owner seems like a(family site, please do not use words like that). I like Tanked a lot better but you can tell that a lot of it is written, especially the bad acting from Redneck!


I watched the first episode and wanted to wait and see the 2nd before I came to any conclusions. I think it's MUCH better than Tanked! None of the over-acting, hokey prank stuff, and ridiculous 'themed' tanks. Francis (the "fish geek") actually seems to care about the fish. I thought that the end part of the 2nd episode with the lion fish was pretty crazy....imagine if they hadn't noticed what it was up to! Yikes! In my opinion, this show seems more informative than Tanked, but it's still not aimed at real SW enthusiasts.


Francis still does that over exaggeration when he speaks. like the guys on tanked. they look very awkward as they scream at the camera.
but overall the show does seem like its going to have some success because they do other things within the episode, other than play pranks on each other.


It's kind of annoying that all of the employees in the shop only seem to care about the hardware of the tank and not the health and well being of the fish (Francis seems to be the only one that cares). The most recent episode was interesting, I liked being able to get an inside look at the ORA farms. I also liked how this episode actually included live coral and not the usual pre-fab coral inserts.


I watched the marathon over the weekend and there we're some good things and bad:
The corals they make look like something you'd find in Wal Mart! If the majority of their business is making fake coral, you'd think they could make them more realistic.
Bad bad project management, especially when they moved the shark. First of all, they almost dropped it! The tank they used to move it should have been bigger with adequate aeration and they should have had a plan to get it out without using the stretcher again.
How do the fish not just die? I know this has been discussed but I still don't get it, they build a tank, fill it, and just dump in like 150 fish. How is there not an ammonia spike that kills everything? Someone please explain this to me.
Bad customer service skills. If a guy is pointing out which corals and which colors he doesn't want, someone please write it down and make sure everyone know! NO PINK! How about the long time client they have who they suggested get an eel, then the eel eats all his fish! That's just funny.
They don't build the tanks themselves? That just seems odd to me.
Where's the manditory hot chick that every reality show has?

Very very cool fish.
Cool projects! The ball park tank, moving the shark, cool stuff.
At least they have a Marine Biologist on staff.
They actually maintain the tanks they build.
Impressive opperation, they have a huge, apparently successful, business and it's interesting to see how it works.
I didn't know how popular those fake reefs are, that was enlightening.
For that matter, how they make the fake corals and assemble them.
So what do you guys think?