fish2's 20gal tank diary


hi guys. havent been on in a while caus i was grounded. here is a pic of my little zoos i got and some pics of my fish.



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sweets zoos, and are you dont getting fish or are you gonna add 1 more? you should get some peppermint or sexy shrimp they would look good
lets see a FTS


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Originally Posted by fish2
i so happy! i got my first coral
its a bubble
You posted this on 4/4, yet you can clearly see this coral in a post from 3/16... Tank was posted on 2/23 with water and sand, LR added the following day and then more on 2/26. Then the pseudo was added sometime between then and 3/16. Did your tank ever fully cycle?


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my only complaint is, these two got almost the same avatar. when not really lookin, side eye they look too much alike. thats all. thank you