flame angel weird


so i came home from work today around 10 and looked at my tank and saw my flame angel sucked against the intake of my filter, i looked closer and it was still breathing and moving its fins and looking at me, so i unplugged the filter and the angel swam off like nothing happened
its a new filter i hooked up just temporarily as a second filter so its kinda new to the fish, but its been in there for a week
is the fish just dumb? or to tired to swim and took a break, got sucked in and just didnt care to try and swim away?


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most healthy fish should hv no problem swimming away from a filter inlet or powerhead,. monitor the fish daily, since it sounded like an unhealthy fish.


welll thats why i thought maybe it was just taking a break and it didnt bother the fish? lol. the lights were off so maybe the fish didnt see me but got spooked when the filter turned off and the water came back out the intake with no suction.
she is swimming around fine right now like normal, hasn't taken a break or anything yet since the lights came on, pecking at liverock and checking stuff out by my cleaner shrimp