Flame Scallop


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I just purchased two Flame Scallops, went through the acclimation process and introduced them into my aquarium last night just as the lights went out...This morning they were gone, as in no sign of them...I know they cannot escape my aquarium, these guys were pretty big, about 2 inches across and my tank is covered...From what I've heard/read about them, they can be difficult because they actually need to be hand fed daily, this worries me since I can't find them...I guess where I'm getting at here, will they bury themselves under the sand/gravel, I have the Hawaiian Black Arag-Alive reef sand in my aquarium, but I don't see any unusually high spots on the floor surface...Since I posted this I did a little more reading up on these guys, and found out that they will hide in dark crevices and caves, well I got my flashlight and started looking...As you can see, I found them both tucked up under my rock formation, I can breathe a sigh of relief for now...
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