Flesh eating disease/bacteria


Still having probelms with my 750g. Things were going good for 1-2 months and then pow. My 12+ inch grouper started acting wierd. 24 hours later, he had hemoraging and bulging eye. PLaced in QT and treated with melafix. 36 hr after initial symptoms, dime sz holes in flesh, sever hemoraging, ruptured eye. 48 hrs dead. 3 days later, same thing happened to my puffer. He only made it 24 hrs from onset.
Salinity; 1.019
temp 75.8
amonia; 0
nitrites 0
nitrates: 40+/-
ph 8.3.
Given my history, I am really considering just selling the whole thing and taking a massive loss. Can any one give me some advise, before I just give up?