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hello, my 9 yr old daugther is taking lessons and at 1st she was really into it but now not so much, is there any thing I can do to boost her interest to it again?
That's difficult to answer because there could be many factors there. I would first check on her instructor. There are too many people that do it for the money and have no idea how to teach. Instructors that teach rock guitar are the absolute worse. What method is being used to teach? Is she learning to read music at the same time or just learning to play? Many use the suzuki method with children as it gets them playing faster. If you don't already, go to one of her lessons and observe. Post up what she is doing and how long she has been taking lessons and I can give you my opinion but it is only my opinion.
If you feel her instructor is fine (and unless you play and have had a lot of experiences with instructors, you will have no idea) then it could be she is just no interested right now and forcing her in any way could have the opposite affect and make her hate the guitar. If that is the case, I would recommend giving her a break and just let her play around with what she knows for a while or just leave it alone altogether. If she enjoys its and wants to play, she will pick it up again.


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Anyone in a band? im trying to find some people to start a band with localy but its not working very well.

im the bass player for "the art of the topless"