FOTW= Foxface Rabbit fish


In terms of adding fish to a tank,

Would this fish be added nearer the end? After smaller fish like blennys, gobys and clowns? Or does it not matter when it is added?


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even tho its peaceful, better put in the smaller fish first. my foxface never bothered my tailspot blenny and clowns even added after, that's my experience. But when i put in a longnose butterflyfish, she harass her until she got ich and died...i guess bcos of the same coloration

florida joe

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Just a thought on adding fish. There may come a time down the road you may want to add a new fish. If you are not sure if the existing tank mates will harass him or her you can rearrange the rock work. This will cause all the fish to establish new territory


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My foxface has never had an issue with new fish unless they get all up in his face lol. Only time he was horrendous was when I got a magnificent without realizing you have to have odd numbers of foxface so they don't fight.


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Fox truly are one of the few gentle giants. Giants being used loosely lol 9-11". Mine doesn't bother anything, now a show of the spines is fairly common if new fish show aggression to it tho. Generally tangs.