Frag Packs


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Why does this site offer 5 frags for about $60, and 6 frags for about $120? Are there better corals in the 6 pack? Double the price for one more frag doesn't make sense to me. Anyone ever buy these?


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I have bought the 5 frag pack a couple times and was disappointed in what I got. The corals were not particularly colorful. It seemed like they just picked the ones nobody else wants. They are only $12 each and you pretty much get what you pay for. No idea why the price is so high for one more. I get my frags from another vendor now.


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I got the 6 pack a month ago. Really happy with what I got all still doing great . 6 different one all different colors. No idea what the 5 pack has. Like inforbis said maybe the 5 pack are throw aways.