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iam having some serious hair alage problems.I want seriously downsize my fish population.Try an figure out the root of my problem.I have a FoxFace Lo about 4",i have a blue hippo about 3",a yellow tang about 2.5",and a dwarf lion that i want to get rid of all healthy and great fish but i really got to conquer this alage problem an i think fish waste is helping fuel the fire.i would like to give them to one person.Frags would be nice for trade but not nessacary.Iam in south Jersey cherry hill area any local reefers please email i will not ship i will not deliver you pick them up all free..ANY takers??....Email me @


if anything, i think those tangs would help eat algae. I used to have a volitan and he was a pig. Ate so much food which means lots of lion sh!t which means lots of algae food. I bet he's your problem.


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I am from Bayonne/Jersey City NJ area Friday or Saturday is good for me leave me a phone number or any kind of isntant messenger where i can contact you.


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Dboy 999 I still need your phone number or instant messenger so we can arrange a pick up time Saturday or Sunday