GBTA hates Maroon Clown...


After a month of having my GBTA, my maroon started hosting it about 3 nights ago! It was the COOLEST thing! ANYWAYY.. About an hour after he figured it all out my nem had had enough and packed up and moved away behind my LR. He's been in the same spot since about 2 days after he got home and now he's constantly trying to escape my maroon! Think this will eventually stop and he'll enjoy the clown hosting him?


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Most likely not. Maroons are notorious for loving anything that they host to death. Especially if the maroon is bigger than the coral/anemone they're hosting. I had an RBTA and my female loved it to death and it was 6 inches in diameter when I bought it. I now own a 10 inch bubble coral that takes the abuse well and doesn't seem to hinder it's happiness or growth. Hope this information helps. Sorry your clown loves your anemone so much though.