Goby Help!

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I just bought a goby and i FORGET the type of goby it is. It is black with a white stripe down both sides running from head to tail. It almost looks like an eel. It is suppost to dig in the sand.
Which brings me to my next point, i havnt seen him in 2 days which means hes either in the sand or he has been eaten.


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Sounds like a Pholidichthys leucotaenia , a Convict Blenny also called Engineer Goby but its really not a Blenny or a Goby. Its buried in the sand or made a home under a rock. Make sure it did not jump out and should see it soon.


called an engineer because it likes to dig and burrow under your rock.
make sure your rock is stable and wont fall
he is probably just hiding under a rock. i rarely see mine unless it feeding time. most of the time only way to tell he is in there is from all the sand he moves around and piles up.


Probably just timid....give it a day or two and he will proabably come out more frequently as he feels more comfortable.