good nano setup


Hi all, im looking to downgrade from my 90 gal to a nano. Just dont have the time or energy to keep the big tank up.
Im thinking of going with a nano 20-40 gal with halides. Im thinking an all in one system would be good. Anybody have any good recommendations?
Ive been checking out the JBJ 28 gal and the Red Max 130D. The JBJ is about half the price of the Red Max, but ive been reading really mixed reviews.. mainly that the halide model has a real problem with raising the tank temp significantly, so a chiller is necessary, plus there isnt much room in the back.
Havent read much at the Red Max 130D.
Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated!
i have a 12 gallon nano with a viper halide and 2 50/50 power compacts i don't have a chiller but... some people frown at this i don't use a heater.