greenex? in regards to sick fish


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I know greenex is reef safe, but do you still reccomend it? I have used 1/3 of the reccomended dose just in case.


I bought a new bottle about two months ago, so I assume it is still being sold.
That noted.....I am not an expert by any stretch, but,
I have used it successfully at full strength for ich tx without any noted side effects (and a "cure" in two-three days).
The few live corals, my anemone, and crabs/snails in my tank have never showed any signs to indicate that they were bothered by the tx.
Hope this info helps you.


Where did you buy the greenex at. I could use a bottle to keep on hand. I was under the understanding they pulled this product off the market.


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No it is not safe for a reef. No medication is. What problem do you have?