Halo's 28JbJ Reef/Invert Nano Diary


K so i got a new MH 150 Phoenix bulb, also some new critters like a
Coral banded shrimp
Porcelain crab
4 snails
1 scarlet hermit crab
And the number one thing i got was a cool cool hitchhiker on a massive colony of these 2 different green polyps, the guy was nice enough to try to remove him but he was a bit ruff and broke a bit of rock with alot of zoos and the hitchiker and gave me it all for 7 buckz.
after i added it to the tank i come back a hour later and its gone.........i freak out and idk if its under the LR somewhere i cant reach. but here it is stuck high up on the LR, it moves at a good pace to find a place it likes.
At first i thought it was some kind of hairy mushroom but now i think it might be a type of anemone but it was in a colony of zoos and they didnt look bothered at all so it should be harmless in my tank.
I wish i could show u a better pictures it looks so cool

P.S. one of my pumps in the back broke
anyone know what new pump i should get?


As everyone can see, my tank looks like crap but i im taking great care of it again and i hope that it becomes great again.
Im still doin the invert theme but i will wait and let my corals grow out a bit more till i go a get emperor shrimp or harlequin shrimp.


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it doesnt look that bad just some bad algae you gotta treat, and I would take the CB shrimp out..they eat other shrimp if they get hte chance


yea i didnt want the coral banded shrimp for long, i just need him to take care of a worm problem i have and hes doin a fine job of it, the only shrimp i have are sexys so im not worried about them.
yea the algae is annoying it produces alot of air bubbles that in turn get everywhere, its getting better so i'll leave it alone.
I just need some time and patience.


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A maxijet 1200 or 900 will work in the back chambers. Looks like you need to do some water changes and maybe feed less, since it looks like you have cyano.


yea the the algae happen when i didnt take care of my tank, u can actually see one of my corals got bleached and algae covered it but its slowly recovering which im happy about, im deff not over feeding bc im not feeding my tank at all lol, just a speck of food for the fish and thats it.
I'll just let time cure this one and so far i notice a big difference, i did have a little mini cycle bc of me cleaning the sand but now its done.
All that bleached corraline algae makes me sad but i already notice it spreading and growing so it wont be that long.
by the way a local reefer is breaking down his tank and has alot of sps and other goodies hes giving me for cheap. so i'll have pics sat or sun=P