HELP! Blue Cheeked Goby suggestions


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I have a problem with my Goby, for the last two days, he has moved house, (under another rock other side of the tank) which is the first time ever, and he wont come out. I can type of see into his new home, and he is just laying on the floor. I feed the tank twice a day, and he moves to the opening of his rock,and trys catching the food that flys past, but again,he is just laying on the sand (not resting on his fins like normal) I have noticed tonight that the top of his head and body has taken on a black apperance (stress??) Please help!! I dont wont to lose him,I've had him 18 months,and he is lovely :-(
All other fish are healthy and happy in the tank. And There is nothing new that has been introduced for at least 6 months.
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Does sound like stress. Is your water quality ok? Got any fish that are becoming more aggressive toward him as they mature?


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Water is fine and all other fish,and corals are great. i do have a regal tang which i've had about two years and is about 7in. It is getting quite destructive now (throwing shells around, dive bombing from top to bottom chasing bubbles etc!!) but they get on fine... My Goby is still hiding, and therefore not eating much. I'm not sure what to do.. :-(