help!! Can't glue rocks!


I am having a ridiculously hard time with my rock structure! What can I use to glue rock togeter? I bought some 'marine grade' epoxy putty from lowes but my rocks don't stick at all... What can I use that'll work and not kill my fish and corals??
you got the aqua marine epoxy didnt you
i did the same thing 10 down the drain.......any ways just go and buy super glue GEL it will be fine


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AquaMend huh? I would have epoxied a rope to the wall and hung myself after trying to aquascape with that crap, but it was too weak

I ended up getting a masonary bit and clear curtain rod from there and just drilling the rock and cutting sections of rod (get a bunch).


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if aquamend if used right should work just fine and far better then super glue. I have used it for years and it works very well and is the very same stuff many vendors market as reef putty. just a repackage