Help identify "The Ghost"


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My son has had land hermit crabs for 4 years. Our recent family vacation to Myrtle Beach SC. yielded some awesome shells and some unexpected hitchhikers(marine hermit crabs). I have always wanted a salt water aquarium and now I had motivation.
My son and I together now have
2 Long Clawed Hermits brought home from the shores of Myrtle Beach SC.
2 Blue legged Hermits
1 Scarlet Reef Hermit
1Dwarf Red Legged Hermit
1 Unknown (I call him The Ghost)
All of my pics can be found HERE
A few of my favorite pics...

Any help identifying "The Ghost" above is greatly appreciated!

Any help identifying "The Ghost" from the first pic would be greatly appreciated.
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While hermits can be entertaining I've never much cared for them in the standard marine aquarium. For one, they will kill off snails for their shells and, in a marine aquarium, snails are far more valuable. Hermits also tend to cause all kinds of destruction in other ways making them unsafe for corals and even live rock.

However, you can set up a system with a focus on hermits and just go about avoiding their pitfalls in the decision making process.