help with 2part alk/calcium additive


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is it ok to add more of one than the other.
i have been adding a bout 20ml of both to a 75 gal reef along with a quart of (1tsp kalk 10ml vinigar 1gal water) kalk every night and my calcium level has gone down to 195 from 225 in two weeks while my alk level has stayed the same at 3.5meg/L
all i have in there for coral is frags of a branchin hammer (1 inch round), kenya tree (about 3 inches tall), candy cane with 8 small heads, and 2 one inch peices of acro.
should i bump up all my additions, or just one, or what,
any suggestions??
btw, every thing looks like its pretty happy except the acro its supposed to be purple tipped but its not.


you need to get your calcium up first, and then use the 2 part to maintain it. i would start with a healthy water change, and then if it is still low, use a product like kent turbo calcium and slowly bring it up. once thigns are stabilized the 2 part should work nicely for you.
you might also want to see if you can have someone use another test kit and see what your calcium is like, it is actually kind of hard to get that big a disparity in the two levels without things starting to percipitate out in a cloud.