Help with clown fish that are potentially sick and aquarium workers cant identify illness

Wicked Warlock

New Member
I have a tank that i bought about 3 months ago. Lots of live rock and coral and i only have 2 clownfish. As well as some hermit crabs, a fire shrimp, emerald crab and a plether of small starfish. My small clown has developed grey blotches around the tail and is slowly becoming greyish over time. My large vibrant clown is now developing similar grey blotches around the neck region. They are still very active and eating well but the color change has me worried. They do not appear to be trying to host a new coral but the aquarium workers said that may be the case. I cant seem to post a picture of the fish but any help would be greatly appreciated. If your willing to help i can email pictures to you im very worried and im sure compassionate fish lovers can help. Thank you very much