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Can someone help me?

Set up a new saltwater 96L tank yesterday. Used RO water from the fish shop. Followed the guys instructions as he's been successful for over 25 years in saltwater aquariums.

We have added the water, filter, sand, heater and added 1 live rock. The water was perfectly clear.. today after we have arrived home from work put on the light as he stated just for an hour a day for the first week. But we have noticed that it's gone milky/cloudy..

Is this normal for the 2nd day of cycling?


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What happens is two things. 1) (not as likely) things get stirred up. In a day or two they should settle down. 2) more likely you have an algae bloom as stuff dies off the rock. Killing the lights for a few days will clear either up.

You might also add some macro algae to balance and stabilize the tank.

And you first fish can be an expensive molly. just don't feed if for the first week.

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