Help with green star polyps!


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So I've had a piece of green star polyp for like two months now and it has never opened since it left the store.. I think that most of it is that I didn't acclimate it at all and I know it's not the water because I have it tested by the store every time I go to there and it's perfect and I have a power head on it, and a 50/50 light on it to. It doesn't look dead yet because it still has the purple color on it and it hasn't turned white at all like it does when it dies. Please help I'm new to coral


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What kind of light? What salinity? Whats your temp? How stable are your parameters? How old is the tank?
Try taking that powerhead away from them and givin them some gentle indirect flow. Also, might you consider upgrading your lighting system.
Need to know a little more.


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Try lowering your temp by 2F. To 78F
Buying a better light will definitely help. For now, try placing the coral as high as possible to get it as close as possible to the light.
Corals, even mushrooms, need a fair amount of light. Not enough and they wont respond.
If there is any medications in the water or you havent done a water change in awhile, go ahead and do a 50% water change.