Help with lighting 28g Via Aqua AR60


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I'm trying to set up my aquarium with lighting for growing corals. I don't want to grow anything too difficult, but want to make sure I have adequate lighting so the corals I do grow will thrive.
Problem is: it appears that the tank I have (28g Via Aqua AR620) has housing for 13" fluorescent lights (according to the website where you can order them, but the light bulb actually says they are 13.5"), a length that is different from just about every other aquarium light out there.
Any help from someone with experience with this aquarium would be much appreciated.
It appears that you can only buy replacement bulbs from the website and they only have the following 3 options: 20 watt daylight white fluorescent, 20 watt blue fluorescent, 20 watt pink fluorescent. The website doesn't give any other information about the bulb.
Am I SOL or will these bulbs work to grow some of the less demanding corals, or is there another option without having to remove the hood of the tank or replace it.