help with lighting please


i have a 150gl deep tank it is 4ft wide and is deep not sure exactly but my ? is that it was suggested to get 600 watts of light but it is hard to find anything like that on line or in magazines also looking to get somthing i can suspend in the air and somthing that doesnt get to hot i realy trying to avoid buying a chilller any help will be great thanks

mr . salty

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With a tank that large you will almost have to go with either VHO(very high output flo),or MH(metal halite).Or both!!!
You mention suspending these lights.That almost eliminates VHO.and sticks you with MH.
But using MH or VHO in a canopy doesn't mean a chiller is needed.
Placing fans in the canopy to remove the hot air works wonders.
Plus I see you live in NY.
That cooler climate will also help.
Plus you can reduce the ammount of time the MH's are on to help keep things cool.
I have a 130 with two 175 MH's in a canopy,and have never had a chiller.
On the hottest days the water temp rarly excedes 80deg.


Lighting also depends on what you really want to have in your tank. However, a just bought for my 150 a customSeaLife Fixture that runs 4 96watt 10Ks and 2 96 watt atinic 03s -- giving me just under 600watts. These are power compacts.
Good Luck