Help with pricing on corals


I have to sell off my tanks and all of my corals. I am having a few issues coming up with prices on a few of my bigger corals. Ideas?

1) Green nepthea tree about 8" tall and 5" wide

2) Green toadstool that when open is the size of a mini basketball

3) Bi-color frogspawn multiple heads almost the size of the toadstool

4) 8 heads of rasta zoas

5) 6 heads of fruitloop zoas

6) Single frags (about 2") of toadstool and nepthea

7) A colony of green star polyps that are mixed with pulsing xenia and green clove polyps and some waving hands. The colony is probably 3" wide by 18" long.

8) A rock with a dozen different mushrooms I made

9) A rock with a dozen different zoas I made

10) A rock with 24+ green speckled mushrooms on it