Help! ZOo is releasing something


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micro scope and a scientist who knows what they are looking at.
I wouldn't sweat it unless they start bleaching out.


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The brown or blackish stringy substance is, in fact, zooxanthellae being released by your zoanthids. This can be a potential problem so you need to watch them. However, often times, a coral will release one strain of zooxanthellae for another strain that is better apt to benefit your particular Zoanthid. As mentioned in an earlier post, no need to sweat it just yet. Again, just watch them to see if their are further problems down the road, such as reduced polyp extension or color loss. If this occurs, an iodine dip may rectify the problem, or something as simple as moving your zoanthids to another spot in your tank. Frequent water changes and weekly testing of your water are also crucial for the health of your zoanthids as well as the rest of your livestock living within your aquarium.