Here is my new ANEMONE!

I have a current USA 72" outer orbit HQI it has 3-150 watt HQI with enternal electronic ballast 4-96 Dual actinics and 8 lunar lights with the coolling fans.
. I also have another 72" coralife power compact with 4-96 watt 50/50 actinics. I think that's enough but I may be wrong what you guys and gals think! :thinking:


if I lived closer to ohio, that would've been "my new anemone"
Oh well congrats, that was 2'+ right? How much did he charge you? Care to split and ship?
I traded some frags for him!
SOME pulsing xenia,kenya tree devils hand and some cabbage leather what a steal!
The person I got it from has an awesome tank with a gazillion mushrooms and her tank is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! :happy: If your are reading thanks again for the carpet!


I'm still waiting for the rest of my frags it been 2 1/2 months!!!!!! HUMMMMMMMM WONDER WHEN I"LL GET THEM????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????ANY IDEAS FISHTANKNEWBIE????????????????????