He's alive..... I can't beleive he is alive!!


Some may remember a post a while back asking about Flame hawk fish, well I said mine was real nice, until one day I saw him picking at my poor yellow watchman goby. The goby had come out of his hiding space and was roaming the tank, and the hawk was just beating him up real bad, the goby's fin was torn real bad. A day later I couldn't find the goby anymore, and assumed he pobably had died. I didn't see him after this point so now I really knew he was dead cause he would never even stick his head out to eat anymore like he used too. So I chalked this up to the first fish loss. Well Saturday as I was pulling out decorations (dead coral), the goby appeared when I pulled up a piece of coral. The guy has been alive this whole time, I don't know when he ever ate.... I hadn't seen him in a month, and his fin was completly healded!! So when I changed the substrate to live sand I put him back first and put the hawk in about one hour later, I think the goby found a new spot and hopefully the hawk won't bother him.

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gr8 news..........just wish mine had been as resourseful...........I tries to add a small yellow watchman to my 55 fo.........didn't work........6-line did him in.........yellow tang barely paid any attention.............


is great to hear about those kind of surprises... especially when hear about so many loses and all...
take care
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sammystingray, wow five months...that's a miracle!!
It seems my goby is going to be fine, he dug out a hole in the sand under a piece of dead coral. He is even comming out of his hole, and isn't afraid of swimming around, so the hawk hasn't picked on him yet.....knock on wood. but if I see him start getting picked on, my next post will be, "anyone want a free flame hawk" ha ha :)