high Nitrates

I'll start w/ the type of test kit: APIReading Ammo:0ppm
PH: 8.2
Salinity: 1.023 (refractor)

Red Sea Prizm Deluxe protein skimmer
Fluval 305
CPR HOB refugium w/ rubble rock, mineral mud, chaeto
3 Koralia #2 water pumps
Water change everyweek (7Ga) RoDi water (0-tds)

(6) fishes about 2.5" each
1 blue tuxedo urchin
cuc (12)snails & hermits
few soft corals (mushrooms and leathers)
I have a drip filter which I recently picked up in an auction its a ProClear 75 w/ Eshop overflow 300gph, and a mag 9.5 return pump. - Should I set this up and eliminate the Fluval? I dont have the Bioballs that originally came with it, what should I use in that chamber of the bio tower?
Thanks for your advise and support during the last 10mons.


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The important question is what media do you have in the Fluval. How often do you open that up and clean/rinse stuff? If there are sponges, how often do you clean them?
How often do you trim out macro from your refugium?
What is your alkalinity?
How much and how often do you feed, including anything put in for corals? What types of fish are they? It is safe to say you are probably overfeeding, as nearly everyone is...which is a contributing factor for sure.
I feed everyday, 1 frozen cube of either squid or mussel, thawed out and 1/4 seaweed sheet.If I skip a day I feel aweful. As for the fluval yes it has the 4-sponges, 1 tray w/ prefilter media, 1 tray w/ Chemipure Original, 1 tray w/ biomax speres. I'll be honest I dont open it often maybe every two months. I have not cut any cheato yet only been up for 6 weeks.

Triggers (2) Huma and Niger
Tang (1) small Blue Hippo
Chromis (3)
I'd step up the water changes right now for sure. Besides that I would take apart the canister and give it a good cleaning. If you aren't cleaning it but every 2 months you will probably be better off NOT using it in your setup.
Can I do any harm by performing water changes too often? How many and how much volume do you recommend? Thanks to everyone who has helped.
Start basic. Double the volume of your water change. Go ahead and do one now and cut off/take out the canister and retest and see what your nitrates are then.
I would definately go ahead and clean out the canister NOW.


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I would take out the canister filter and use the wet dry you said you got. However one thing to consider. You said the overflow is a 300 gph. Your mag 9.5 is 950 gph. So after you account for head loss you will still be to hight for the overflow. I would install a ball valve on the pump so you can adjust it so you dont overflow your tank. And I am not the tang police but it is going to get to big for your tank. After all this a few water changes will bring it down. You can change as much water as you like. Remember if you do a 10% change your nitrates will decrese by 10%.


i battled high nitrates for ever, i had just recently posted a thread on finally getting my nitrates to zero.
i also had a fluval canister filter and i took it right out of the system. i now only use it to pump ro water from holding tank to my sump for water changes and top offs. that way at least it is not a total loss and is still functional. the sponges inside are nitrate factories and they are a pain in the butt to open and clean. i bought a hob filter for mechanical filtration. they are cheap and simple to keep clean so they dont produce nitrate. i added about 15-18 gallons of water to the system via sump and an algae scrubber and chaeto. also removed about 80%of the crushed coral (i wish i never put it in there-newbie mistake) and did lots of water changes. also finally switched to ro water and a couple months ago i addd 100 blue leg hermits. u can find them for a good price on the big auction site. some other places want crazy prices, i wont mention any names though..... all of these things changed my nitrates from high ppm such as yours down to zero...FINALLY. it was alot of work but my tank looks soooooo much better. clear and no more algae! hope this helps u. good luck.