Hijacker - Pretty sure its a bubble tip


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So I got a few new rocks and one of these guys were there, I think its a bubble tip anemone but not for sure…. It started out as 1 but now is about 5-6…. Is it a bubble tip? If so, Why is he splitting so much?

Why doesn't he just get bigger rather then keep on splitting?



It's actually majano anemone ...it's a pest and if you do not kill it it will spread all over and smother your tank

you can kill it with Joe's Juice......or look it up...there are a lot of home-made remedies


It's probably just the tint in your picture , but the mojamo I fight with is bright green. I make a thin paste out of kalkwasser and hot water and inject it into the mouth. Kills it instantly. The problem is: you can't get what you don't see and it grows behind rocks and continues to spread. I make it a monthly maintenance thing and try to stay ahead of it. Wish there was a way to treat the whole reef safely, but I dislike doing that. They say peppermint shrimp eat it, but that hasn't worked for me.


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Pepermint shrimp don't go for majanos. They go after the glass anemones (another type of aiptasia).


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If it's only on the one piece of rock pull it out. Soak it in boiling water on the stove for an hour. That will kill it for sure.


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Are these ones the same thing? I don't want to accidentally mistake a good anemone hijacker for a bad one.....