These look much like the red hornet how ever they are not they are actually pink fusion and sell for very cheap. They just dont have the alternating skirt like the hornets do.


I just picked up a zoa pack for 170 shipped to AK, got 2 purple hornets ($50.00 for the pair) cat's eyes, red magicians, green star twinkle, fire of hell, and some jokers. These are my first higher end corals. my otehr zoas grow like wild fire in my tank so I'm hoping that these few polyps grow out nice :) Pretty excited.
I actually won (tied) a local contest for our frag club to see who could grow the most zoa polyps from a 2 polyp frag in 2 months. I tied with anotehr chick with 7 polyps. now 2 months later I have about 25. fun Stuff. Next I might get me some cool acans or acros :)