House too Hot... So is tank, How to decrease temp?


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There is a chiller out there for small tanks that cost about $100.
Do a search for Iceprobe
otherwise you are just going to have to run your AC and a fan, if you don't have the money for that then you need to set aside your plans for a while. I know you aren't listening to people who say it but it is the truth.


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Checked into the ice probe and I think that it is more of a nano tank product. It will chill 10 gal. of water 6-8 degrees below ambient, but will decrease my 35 gal tank only 1-2 degrees below ambient. Thanks for the post though, one of the most productive so far.

Oh, and instead of a 20 oz. gatorade bottle which melted in about 10 minutes, I'm going to put a 1.5 gal (huge compared to my tank size) apple juice bottle in tonight just to prove to myself that the ice doesn't work. let yall know how it goes tomorrow.