how do i catch him


Hey all,
I recently got a gold stripe neon goby. Shortly after I acclimated and introduced him into the tank, he came down with ich.
My question is: how in the world do I go about catching him, considering that there are rocks everywhere, with corals all over the place? It's a 10 gallon, so it will probably be easier than a bigger tank....but the guy is fast and fiesty....i can't catch him/.


u could probable just set most of the LR on one side of the tank and if u have a divider the fish on the other side and then catch him.:notsure:
if you have space do the coke bottle trick....
Take a 2 liter coke bottle, and cut the top off about 1/3 of the way down. now turn the bottle around so the cap is facing the bottom 2/3. drill or poke a hole in the cap and another in the bottom of the bottom 2/3. Then tie a knot on one end of a piece of string. THen thread the sting through the cap's hole, then through the bottom 2/3 of the bottle and through that hole. Then put the whole thing into the water and put some food in the bottom of the bottle. When the fish goes for the food, just pull on the string and the top section of the bottle should go into the bottom section trapping the fish. Hope this makes sense....


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good luck catching him its almost impossible to catch a fish with out destroying your tank but try the trap thats sounds like a good idea!!:nope:


Id say that if u got a smaller tank u could as well use a smaller bottle the 2 liter might be a bit too big