How do you grow Coralline Algae???

mr. tang

I am very confused. I put 10lbs of Live Rock that was covered with coralline algae about 4 months ago. 1 month ago I started adding Kent Marine Liquid Calcium, Strontium & Molybdenum and Iodine. I still have not see the algae spread to any other part of the tank. I have an aqua clear 202 as a Powerhead so it is not a question of water movement.
In the tank I have the following
Orange tailed damsel
A peppermint, cleaner and fire shrimp
3 blue-legged hermits
2 scarlet hermits
Mexican Turbo Snail
2 Emerald Crabs
5 Feather Dusters
Flame Scallop
I feed 2 times a day, once with flake the other frozen and also once a day with Marine Snow for the filter feeders.
I don’t think that information is important to the question, however too much info is better than not enough.
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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Have you tested Calc and Alk readings?
Calc is only part of the equation for good growth.


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Along with the calc, you could try scraping some coraline off the bottom of the rock. It will flow in the watercoloum and grow where it lands. good luck. :cool:


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Fender is right, alkalinity is just as important as calcium in the growth of Coraline algae.


What a lot of people don't know is that most coraline algae growth takes place in lower light areas. Areas with strong light will typically not grow as fast as areas with lower light. I am sure some of you will laugh at this statement , but you can do some research. In shallow waters the algae is usually found in deeper caves and areas with extremely low light. Lighting is not as important as good nutrient levels in this case. As everyone suggested, check your levels and keep them steady.
Just thought I would throw that out :)
I agree, Silent Bob, and with all who mentioned the importance of alkalinity levels. I have always maintained Calcium levels in my reef at 450-460ppm, but it wasn't until I paid more attention to my alk levels that I had "the Coraline explosion". I now replace all evaporated water with Kalkwasser and add Kent's Pro-Buffer dkh daily.
Now my tank is purple, with the algae on the back glass, all over pumps and Ph's--everywhere! I even have some nice green coraline algae too.
I'd have to say, alkalinity is VERY important in the growth and spread of this desirable algae.