How do you know your tank is ready for a clam?


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As the title asks, how do you know your tank is ready for a clam?
I have stabilized my temperature at 79*F. My salinity has been steady at 1.023. My calcium and alkalinity and trace are being added by a calcium reactor that I have dialed in accurately. I have a decent skimmer that is keeping the tank clean and I have some SPS frags that are doing decently. I only feed my fish flake,... soon to switch to frozen foods.
When do you think it's ok to add a clam? How big of a clam should I add to the tank? What kind of clam can I add? How much phytoplankton and how often should I feed a 75g tank?


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I'm trying to go about it like I know nothing, and would really prefer to try to see it from a new perspective.


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i believe your salt level should be 1024-to 1.026.
also you need powerful lighting.
how long has it been running

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