How do you lower Phosphate?


I would definatly feed less. If you feed with flakes they are notorious for nitrates. Switch to frozen mysis and feed every other day or do a flakes like once a week or so, if you are
Also, how is your snail population? I usually add a dozen to my tank when the glass gets dirty. (they are also notorious for crab dinner much to my dismay) They fall off the glass and rocks and the crabs usually dine on them they are your first cleanup crew.
Algea also feeds off your nitrates as well. Light is also another one. I work nights and my wife doesn't shut the lights off and forgets about them until late, and I get alot more algea then normal. Cut your lights to a lessor level. Easiest is an automatic timer.
I would test the water before you add it to your tank to make sure that it is zero on phosphates and nitrates. You can't solve your issue if you are adding it out of necessity.