How long to let tank sit before ick dies out.


Ok even after my best efforts failed and I lost my whole tank :( to ich. How long does the tank have to now sit fishless before the parasite dies off. I used nox-ich as a last ditch effort and it just seemed to speed up the death process, but i believe it was too late at that point.
anyway I have live rock in there now and live sand and I know the parasite lives for a while without a host. How long before the tank is ready again. Its 180 gallon cube.
Also can I add corals or will that lengthen the process or will they die? The nox ich stuff is only supposed to last in system for a couple days. Please let me know asap thanks


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Do not add anything to the tank at all for 6-8 weeks. When that time is up and only then, add 1 at a time. QT them first this time. So this gives you plenty of time to get a qt going and a fish or 2 in there and they will be ready at the same time. Just my opinion. Good luck.