How often do you feed..


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I don't feed mine anything. I use iodine other trace quite often. I've realized how important these supplements are, especially after I lost 2 sally lightfoots to failed molts.


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once a week. if i had the time, probably twice a week.
i don't suppliment anything though. everything comes in my salt mix.


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Originally Posted by ric maniac
Wow, I must be obsessive. I feed each head every day with mysis when I feed my fish.
Thats why I'm asking because I seem to be doing the same thing. I just got some new frags and I can't stop trying to feed them. I want them to grow.


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I dont spot feed anything but I POUND food to my tank. free feeding 5-7 times a day. BUT I do water changes to compensate and have a kick butt clean up crew, and an over rated skimmer.. take it from some one who has battled red slime, resist the urge to over feed, UNLESS your willing to change a lot of water and hose detritus out of your rocks, and check for detritus in random spots, and maintain exact salinity, and, and, and. the more you feed the more you have to do.
I have enough carnivorous corals, cleaners, worms etc. to ensure no food gets wasted, yes I have bristle worms 14 inches long, but they are happy so are my corals. gotta admit bristle worms in all their splendor are damn beautiful.

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i dont feed mine meaty foods, the last time i fed meaty was last week, and the time before that was like 2 months ago. I find that if i dose Calcium, Magnesium, and Alkalinity and keep the levels good, and regularly dose phyto i can run my tank without much coral growth. But since i have been feeding this Ultra Min F food for the last month, my acans have sprouted 5 baby heads, and the two large heads on the frag have gone from quarter size to half dollar coin size. I highly recommend this stuff. Just 1 small pinch per day in my nano, and 2 pinches per day in my 55 work great. The label says for sponges, clams, and gorgonia, but my LFS guy said it would help all my corals, and it did. 25 bucks for about a years worth of food, not a bad deal.