How strong is my lighting ?


My lighting is 8x39w(4x420nm 4x460nm) T5
mixed with 3x 150w MH 10k
(Current USA 72 inch Outer Orbit 3x150w 10K HQI-MH w/ 8x39W T5 HO & 24 Lunar Lights)
I am planning to put two 3.5'' maxima clams in the sandbed. The tank is 29'' tall, with glass cover
will this be enough lighting for them?


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MH 150w about 10,000 Light intensity each
T5-HO 39w about 3000 Light intensity each


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I was reading on some old www somewhere a debate about light and one thought was that once the light makes it into the top of the water that it would travel very far before losing much intensity like a fiber optic cable. The other side said that after a foot there was some loss.
I have never had a tank that deep. So I really don’t know but,
I keep Crocea cams at 24 inches deep under a 150w MH and two-64w PC and you could put Maxima clams up in the rocks.